Drag Chain Mount for Hemera HD9

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Drag Chain Mount for Hemera HD9

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Just wanted to ask if anyone has designed a replacement top for the Hemera Extruder to support a drag chain. Otherwise, I will probably give it a go.

I managed to get the Duet 3 and RPi hooked up and booted up with success, so I am thrilled.

Of course, I'm assuming a sadomasochist came up with the stepper connectors, as I'm needing to make custom length cables, and man does that require some patience.

Anyhow, also curious as to others using a drag chain.

My plans are to put the extruder stepper cable, BLTouch, X-Stop Optical switch, fan (I'm putting a connector on it) and thermostat cables in the drag chain as they all have connectors on the head end to be able to swap the head. Then leave the filament PTFE and heater wires (hooking it up to a terminal block) outside the drag chain. In part because the heater doesn't have a connector (and don't want to keep opening the drag chain up to pull the heater wire through) and the filament PTFE filament tube could probably do better without such extreme bends.

How does this sound? I'd be interested to hear what everyone else has been doing in routing their XY head wires.



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