Firmware setting

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Firmware setting

Post by Aure3D »


I need a help for my firmware I am the best of the noob for this.

I have build a 365*365*390 Hevort, I use the rrf for duet 3MB 6HC and raspberry.
I don't understand this:


I don't understand how to configure triple Z with the doc excell FirmWareSettings.

I think there will probably be something else I won't be able to do.

Can anyone help me please?


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Re: Firmware setting

Post by Beano »

Hi Aure,
I am running same size HevORT, busy with configuration currently. So I am using same duet 3 board, and I have basic motion running, end-stops for XY setup and working, and BLTouch probe configured and working. I am still awaiting my dragon hot-end to arrive, but HextrudORT without hot-end carriage is ok for basic test, I just use it to mount x end-stop and BLTouch.

I am currently testing my mesh bed-levelling, all seems ok. So I can share my basic config file in my Nemesis buildlog in Showroom? Note I am running HC6 in standalone mode, I will setup pi4 later….

Let me know if I can help.

HevORT Buildlog - Project Nemesis -> viewtopic.php?f=17&t=585

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