Hextrudort with Revo and short Filament Path

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Hextrudort with Revo and short Filament Path

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Hello everybody,

I designed a carriage complete with an Hextrudort-style extruder for use with the E3D Revo System over a year ago.
I made a longer break form this project.

I always loved the Hextrudort made from aluminium.
However, to achieve the shortest possible filament-path with Revo, I had to go with a front-mounted concept (see picture attached).

I use the heatsink of a Revo Micro. I cut a piece of the heatsink off and equipped it with a 4010 radial fan.
This provides a great cold-end performance, while the filament is fed directly into the heatbreak / Revo Nozzle.

I now considered to come up with a completely new X-Axis and Carriage which would allow me a low mounting option for the off-the-shelf Hextrudort.

However, I would need to drill the Hextrudort to insert a part of the Heatbreak/Revo-Nozzle up into the Extruder.
I do not own precision machinery to do this in a professional manner.

Therefore, my question:
Did anyone ever modify the metal-Hextrudort for Revo use?
And if yes: Did you just stuff a long heatsink under the extruder, accepting a longer filament path?

I also considered to just shorten the Heatbreak / Revo Nozzle.
However, a tight fit should be achieved so there is no gap between extruder and Heatbreak / Revo Nozzle.
Currently I feed the Filament from the gear directly into the Revo Nozzle. This avoids any such issue. (see attachment)

Thanks a lot
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