Biqu H2 Extruder

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Biqu H2 Extruder

Post by Septeract7 »

Hi there!

Has anyone here tested the new Biqu H2 extruder? ... 3d-printer

There are some reviews around and it does seem to be quite nice and light (for a direct drive extruder for ~90$).

I would like to use this for my build (that i am currently planning). My main concern is that it is too weak to print at HevORT speeds (200-300 mm/s?).

Does anyone have any experience/opinion on this?


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Re: Biqu H2 Extruder

Post by JanusSoftworks »

Septeract7 wrote:
Fri Mar 05, 2021 10:11 am

Does anyone have any experience/opinion on this?

The two reviews I've seen of this thing both had QC issues. For one reviewer the gears were not machined correctly and needed to be filed down, on the other the hob gear was defective and needed to be replaced. So it's kind of a gamble on whether you get a working one, or get one with issues. Pretty much par the course for any clone(ish) product from China. Their is also the issue that if they cheaped out on QC then they probably also cheaped out on materials so I have doubts this this will last.

Not sure where you are but the Hemera is slowly coming back in stock so if your willing to spend the extra $20-30 then you can just grab one of those.

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Re: Biqu H2 Extruder

Post by MirageC »

I have one in my hand and I concur. Quality level is just not the same as the hemera. bearings are lose in housings and gears look like they were punched out of a metal plate... I need to test and review it properly though. I have not printed with it yet.

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