Nema 23

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Nema 23

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I'm starting corexy build based on hevort design. However I'm bit unsure which motor to choose. Nema 17 seems too small and weak. and nema 23 too slow?

What speeds and acceleration I would get with these motors on XY? I'm hoping for print speeds up to 500mm/s and acceleration of 40k+. Working area is going to be 120mm. Full carbon (idlers, hotend holder, x beam) Is this even possible with nema23 and such high rotor inertia?

E: And maybe going with bowden design.

Phase: 2 Phase
Step Angle: 1.8 degree
Current: 3 A
Rated Voltage: 3 V
Resistance: 1 Ohm/phase
Inductance: 3.5 mH/phase
Holding torque: 270 oz-in (1.9N.m)
Detent torque: 6
Rotor inertia: 480 g.cm²
Number of wire leads: 4
Weight: 1.05kg
Length: 76mm

BR Hautamak

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