CroXY - Crock-see // Inspiration

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CroXY - Crock-see // Inspiration

Post by Philipp »

Dear community,

during my current "read as much as possible to get deeper into the topic" phase I came across the following project/model and thought it might be of interest for you to see this approach.
On the git-page you can also find a comparison of CroXY and CoreXY (no judgement from my side). Maybe we can collect inspirations from here and there to make the models even better.

"CroXY as a fully enclosed 3D Quadrap printer with a crossed linear rail gantry design, direct drive extruder and a kinematically mounted bed that moves in Z with three ball screws."
(printing video)
(Z Probe and Automatic Bed Levelling)

Please share you thoughts.

Kind regards,

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Re: CroXY - Crock-see // Inspiration

Post by Jipi »

Realy nice stuff. Like you say, i think we can inspire about it.

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Re: CroXY - Crock-see // Inspiration

Post by OlegOK »

I’m sorry, but it’s not fully enclosed. The top is still open.

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Re: CroXY - Crock-see // Inspiration

Post by Gambix »

The rigidity seem quite good

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