What about this Design

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Should I

continue developing this
or just copy-build a HevOrt?
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What about this Design

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Hello HevORTs.
I figured, if I want to get into the whole 3d printing hobby, I might as well design my own printer. And through Youtubes' recommendations, I came to the MirageC Channel and ultimately to this forum.
Please be gentle, it was my first time using Fusion360 or a CAD Software in general. :?

(If you want to have a faster and faster printer, you need light moving parts, but in the CoreXY thingy, you have the X and Y axis "stacked" on top of each other and thus have inherently more inertial mass.) I'm stupid and didn't understand how CoreXY worked...

What do you think about this design? It's basically standart a cartesian design...
A lot of things are missing, especially the motors, but just imagine them either in the base or on top of the frame (just out of the "heating chamber"; I haven't figured out how to add premade Components from the web yet).
What are the downsides of such a design?


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