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Re: Frame Type

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Hobschel wrote:
Wed Feb 24, 2021 4:43 pm
Regarding the Types, there are some from Misumi that offer milled surfaces for 30x30 extrusions. Is this desired, since it looks like only 2 sides are milled...

Thanks again!
Milled wouldn't be necessary for an FDM printer. It would be if you had something sliding on the extrusion.

What is a BOM?
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Re: Frame Type

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Thank you very much for explaining this!

What is a BOM?
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Re: Frame Type

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Adding some additional input to help people avoid an issue that I just ran into. When ordering the 2020, make sure it's NUT 6 (not 5) otherwise it'll be a pain to find t-nuts. I ordered mine from McMaster-Carr, and didn't realize that all of the 2020 extrusions there are 5mm slots (not 6). The bed plate mounts that call for M5x10 button heads into M5x2020 T-nuts (which don't fit into the 5mm slots).
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