Hello from MinneFlorida

Introduce yourself and tell us what you are looking for from this project :)
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What is a BOM?
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Hello from MinneFlorida

Post by LakeWaconia »

Hi - I'm currently splitting my team between the "People's Republic of Minnesota" and the "Land of Liberty" Desantisland! I'm planning to move to Florida full-time soon. Anyways, I've been an avid 3D printer nerd since the early days of RepRap. I've built:
- 2 original RepRap Mendels
- Mendel Max 1.0
- MendelMax 2.0
- 2 Prusa MK3's with MMU2S
- Delta Printer
- I also purchased a M3D Micro (worst printer ever) and a QIDI Tech 1 (great reliable printer)

I've been gathering the components to build a Hevort 500x500. Any advice from the experienced ones is appreciated!!

What is a BOM?
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Re: Hello from MinneFlorida

Post by figgie »

"People's Republic of Minnesota" lmfao!

Greetings fellow winter bird! I am from MN and Shakopee specifically.

I have a inexpensive 3d printer (tronxy) that has helped me get a REALLY good understanding of 3d printing!

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