Howdy from Tennessee

Introduce yourself and tell us what you are looking for from this project :)
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What is a BOM?
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Howdy from Tennessee

Post by rootboy »

Hi guys,

I arrived here while searching for a set of STLs for the ZYLtech hypercube. I was so impressed with the HevORT that I plan on building one of those too.

The ZYLtech hypercube will be my fourth build, which started with a Rostock V2 delta, a Tronxy A8 clone, and a wretched FLSun. Of the three, the Tronxy hands down performed the best (and lives on in spirit since I am using the hotend from it on my FLSun). Go figure...

The Rostock and the Tronxy have been retired, leaving me with the FLSun. Which after I upgraded it to a Duet controller and the Tronxy hotend, has been performing well above what I've come to expect from it.

In any case, I'll be lurking about, and one day I'll make my own. :)


What is a BOM?
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Re: Howdy from Tennessee

Post by oryweaver »

Hey John,

Knoxville here, and I too stumbled onto this design on youtube. I've got about everything ordered now and just waiting on the slow boat from China.


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