Hello from Montreal

Introduce yourself and tell us what you are looking for from this project :)
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Hello from Montreal

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I am relatively new to 3D printing, but in the short time I have been in the "hobby" (obsession!!!) I have learn a lot. I am a mechanical engineer with a lot of experience in dimensional metrology. I live in the Montreal, QC area and work all over North America in various industry sectors. I started with an Ender 3 V2 and it didn't take long to start modifying it:
-BL Touch (with Smith firmware)
-LED work lights
-Dual Z (belt system)
-Dual Z (2 steppers system)
-New Marlin compiled in VS Code (Jyers/Marlin branch)
-filament sensor
Next step is Direct Drive extruder and new part cooling solution (have pancake stepper, but will probably need to make a reducer)...

My objective now, after discovering HevORT is to slowly plan and eventually build one... I want to be able to reliably print functional parts. This is an awesome project and has me captivated already.

Let the journey begin!



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