Hello from Minnesota

Introduce yourself and tell us what you are looking for from this project :)
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Hello from Minnesota

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Hello all!
I've been reading/lurking and even asking a few (mostly stupid) questions so far, but figured it was time for a actual introduction. I'm John. I live in Minnesota, and felt it was time to build a proper 3D printer. Currently living with a Prusa i3 Clone I built almost 5 years ago. It seems to work well enough for PLA and PETG, but haven't tried anything else with it. When I told a good friend of mine (currently using an Ender 3) about my HevORT plans, he too was interested. So why build one when you build 2 for twice the price? :D After what seemed like endless part sourcing exercises, and running our existing rigs everyday to churn out what we're calling our 'Rough Draft' parts, we've started in on assembling our builds. I'll start a build thread for them as well. In any case, I'll try to limit the number of stupid questions I come up with, but no promises there won't be some. :lol:


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