WIP: Assembly Instructions Part 1 - Frame

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WIP: Assembly Instructions Part 1 - Frame

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This is a work in progress post, please feel free to comment and to point out mistakes or ways to do it better! I will try to update this post as much as possible and begin with the first basic steps :) I'm not a native speaker and have to translate some of the tool names, please correct me! I will try to take photos, too :)

HevORT Assembly Instructions - Part 1: The Frame

Welcome to the build process! After sourcing all the required parts for the frame you can start building it! Please carefully read this document before you begin to assemble the frame - some parts need to be added for later steps, especially the nuts for the frame!

Required Tools:
- Hex bits in different sizes or equivalent tools
- some way to measure a 90° angle - any angle tool will work
- a flat surface for assembly
- optional: some clamps to fix profile parts in place

Build order:

1. Left Side of the printer bay

As in all steps, start collecting the required parts first. It will help if you mark the profiles either with a sticker or a non-permanent marker.

- Two vertical profiles (standard size is 88cm, the size for your printer is taken from the frame calculator)
- Three horizontal profiles (standard size is XXcm) (BOM: TBD)
- the vertical profile for the Z rail (BOM: TBD)
- XX 3030 L-Joints
- XX M3-3030 nuts
- XX M6-3030 nuts
- XX double corner brackets


Depending on the size of your L brackets there is a possible collision on the lower part of the frame between the two L-Joints

2. Right Side of the printer bay

XX. Measuring and aligning left and right side

The goal for this step is to align both sides built so far TBD

XX. Connecting the left and right side

XX. Electronics compartment

Frame Assembler
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Re: WIP: Assembly Instructions Part 1 - Frame

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Pls add pictures -

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